Cresslough, Co Donegal

Creeslough, a town in Donegal, was struck by an unexpected explosion, leaving its residents in distress. Fortunately, two remarkable individuals stepped forward to offer their expertise and aid. Our CRITICAL Volunteer Emergency Medical Responders, Dr. Gerry Lane from Donegal and Dr. Andy Patten from Dublin, arrived swiftly at the scene. They efficiently coordinated their efforts and provided crucial emergency medical care to those injured in the blast.

With the chaos subsiding, the true extent of the damage became evident. Homes and businesses had suffered significant destruction, disrupting the peace that once enveloped the community. However, amidst the wreckage, Dr. Lane and Dr. Patten tirelessly attended to the wounded, extending their compassion and medical assistance to those in need.

The aftermath of this tragedy left Creeslough in a state of shock and mourning. Yet, Dr. Lane and Dr. Patten’s selfless actions offered a glimmer of hope.

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