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The small town of Creeslough, Co. Donegal is a tragic example of how life can change in an instant. Last year on October 7th, an explosion occurred at a local petrol station, and changed this small community forever. 
Dr Gerry Lane, one our of CRITICAL doctor volunteers, was quickly tasked to the scene. In his after-action report, he described receiving a call while he was in the middle of a clinic in Letterkenny, and what transpired soon after.
Dr. Gerry Lane, Donegal Based CRITICAL Volunteer Doctor

Within minutes, I was on the road to Creeslough to what would be the most significant and most prolonged incident I had attended in more than 30 years as a doctor. As I made my way through the heavy traffic, I could see three sets of flashing blue lights following, a sure sign of this call's seriousness."

"I tended to four patients within the first 10 minutes of arriving on the scene in Creeslough. Within minutes, another CRITICAL volunteer, Dr Andrew Patton, arrived, leaving a wedding nearby and bringing another fellow doctor to respond. Suddenly, I could run two Resuscitation Bays on site and offer almost any resuscitation procedure required for a critically ill patient.

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These dedicated doctors are part of CRITICAL. Our charity provides pre-hospital emergency care at the scene of severe incidents and emergencies across the country. Our volunteers work along side the National Ambulance Service, Fire Service and An Garda Siochana to save lives.

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Cresslough, Co Donegal
Creeslough, October 7th 2022